Twin Mattress – measurement guide


The dimensions of twin mattress will depend on the characteristics of the frame, the type of foundation and the presence of complementary change mechanisms. Standard models of furniture have a length of 200–210 cm. For single or two-and-a-half pieces this parameter is reduced to 20–30 cm to ensure compactness.

For measurement, the width, height and length of the mattress are taken into consideration. The standard size of the mattress is determined based on information about the average person’s growth, body, and weight.

The standard dimensions of twin mattress and also other mattresses have several basic types:

  1. Single
  2. Double mattress
  3. Children’s mattress
 These standards are used in many countries of the world, but even with a measurement system they can deviate from the basic ones and vary. In the first place under the standard size of mattresses means the size of the beds. The frameworks always average 10 cm. Modern mattress models have a lot of designer novelties that do not fit any standard size. It is also worth keeping in mind when choosing a piece of furniture.


 Single mattresses are designed for one person and are designed for medium-sized faces. The standard length of a mattress ranges from 200 to 210 cm, and the width can vary from 70 to 100 cm.

 American Size Single Mattress  The American mattress marking matches the french teen mattress size with twin.  Two and a half mattress dimensions are not enough to sleep for two people, but they are too spacious for one. Standard size mattresses are 200 to 210 cm in length and 120 to 160 cm in width.


 There are standards for double mattress. Given the general systems of measures, it should be free to accommodate two people. The standard length of a double mattress is 200 to 210 cm, width – 150 to 200 cm. The selection requires consideration of the amount of people who will use the furniture.  For medium-sized people, choosing a mattress with independent springs and a 160-cm-wide mattress is sufficient. The mattress is 160 cm wide and is very popular. For those who need more space during sleep, wider models will fit – 170–180 cm. Those with a more delicate body structure will have a 150-155 cm double mattress sufficed. American Mattress Size Double: For the United States, such dimensions are a luxury and therefore they call them “royal” mattresses.  Non standard dimensions of twin mattress:

 Non-standard sleeping spaces can be prepared or ordered in advance according to their preferences.

Typically in such mattresses they include:

  1. Original form
  2. Mattresses are too big or too small.
  3. Unique design
  4. the calculation of the sleeping space of more than two people.
 Non-standard types of mattresses can be any size. Often, people with very high growth or weight and lovers of luxury order more than two meters of bedroom furniture personally. The cost of such products is always high. It is important to consider that the mattress must be made to order. If this mattress is of an odd shape or unique design, then you should ask the manufacturer if it will manufacture a suitable mattress.

For those who need a much larger mattress, you can simply choose the California King version of the maximum length and without the backrest on the legs.

Available sizes for dimensions of twin mattress:

  • Baby from 60 cm width and 120-180 cm length.
  • 80 to 100 cm in single or single width and 170 to 190 cm in length.
  • Extra long single or half distance 120–160 cm wide and 190–200 cm long.
  • 160–200 cm full in width and 200 to 210 cm in length.
  • King size or king size (three mattresses) with dimensions greater than 200 cm.

Manufacturers try to keep buyers’ original wishes in mind, so furniture has a wide assortment of non-standard dimensions. For example, round and semiconductor sleeping space is more than 200 cm in diameter. The size of the mattresses should be found immediately before purchasing, as some plants provide many modifications of furniture.

Separately, the recommended dimensions of sleeping spaces for children should be mentioned. Teens can use single furniture independently. For preschool and school age width mattress which you can reduce to 60 cm later. Nursery mattress length ranges from 160 180 cm for pupils, from 140 160 cm for preschool children and 120 cm for infants (under 3 years).

Double size in Various Formats

The first type is practical Mattress half dissection (width 140–150 cm), in fact, belongs to a different subspecies. But in some situations, they will organize a married couple with a “skinny” complex, for example, if there is not enough space in a bedroom, when even the most beautiful double airfields in a small room will seem cumbersome.

Double mattress (160-190 x 200 cm), the most popular size, they are easy to find. For spouses – a great and convenient alternative to bedroom arrangements, creating a cozy atmosphere and comfort.

“Royal” or family double mattress (200 x 200 cm) is a complete rest during sleep. Individual models can be up to 2.5 meters. Suitable for spacious rooms, can easily accommodate father, mother and child.

Bunk mattresses will save space for children, hostels, hotels.

Non-standard size mattresses: 

oval, round mattress and others. They not only look great in the photo, but at home, they often go in a headset, but they need a spacious bedroom. When purchasing such a chic mattress, you need to calculate everything and provide space for other furniture. Any standards are conditional. The actual dimensions can be any, they depend on design features, solutions, design, and design. There are always a lot of manufacturers specializing in making customized mattress with the desired size and shape. Significant non-recurring costs of construction, plus an additional permanent expense for mattresses, which you also need to order them. but custom bedding is a drawback.

Quick measurement for the dimensions of twin mattresses

  • Mattress Size Tips:

    Twin 39″ x 75″ (also known as a single)

    These are most common for children’s rooms, daybeds and trundle units.

    Twin XL 38″ x 80″

    Full 54″ x 75″ (also known as double)

    Full size can easily accommodate 2 adults. It can be a perfect size if you have an unusually small room that needs to accommodate 2 people. Full size is also a good option for a guest room or as a child’s step up mattress.

    Queen 60″ x 80″

    Queen is the most popular bed size in America. It is a perfect for 2 adults.

    King 76″ x 80″

    King beds are becoming very popular. They are the widest standard bed available. Also, sheets are easy to find and are generally labeled “King”.

    California King 72″ x 84″

    Our ultra premium luxury mattresses are available with 2 thickness options, our 14.5″ premier and our custom slim 11.5″.

    The smallest unit to measure all these size is the size of twin mattress.


Even if the mattress is not highly expensive or all in one mattress, the topper can bring some changes to the quality of sleep. We highly recommend it if your mattress is not doing it all. And you are not ready to purchase another expensive mattress.
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