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Why consider the memory foam mattress ? The technologies and know-how of the manufacturers have enabled the creation of mattresses designed with materials whose level of comfort agrees with your expectations and your budget. Sleeping well is within your reach, provided you know which product to direct you to. So if your good old spring mattress turns your night into a long tumultuous crossing that turns you and turns you in all directions until the early morning, you should seriously get a memory mattress.

Memory foam mattress reviews

The feeling of welcome, of comfort, does not please everyone. There is usually a greater habituation phase with this support technology. Wait 10 days before concluding that this technology is not for you.However, our review of the shape memory mattress is clear, they are particularly suitable and recommended for people with back pain and lumbar pain s . Besides, we recommend buying high-end  memory foam mattresses to guarantee good sleep and good longevity. If you are not sure that this technology is made for you.

What is a memory foam mattress?

In bedding, resilience refers to the ability of a mattress to return to its original appearance after being pressed. Resilience is said to be excellent when it accelerates the responsiveness of the mattress while preserving the body’s support whatever the movements. For example, this mattress quickly regains its appearance even if your children jump on it for long interminable minutes. Present in our daily lives, Technologies have revolutionized the world of bedding with the creation of memory foam mattresses. This type of mattress consists of a layer of viscoelastic foam which can cover spring , latex or foam mattresses .The viscoelastic layer results from a skilful combination of low resilience foams generally with a density of 35 kg / m3 with high resilience polyurethane foam most often with a density of 50 kg / m3 .It is this combination of low and high resilience foam that gives the memory mattress supreme comfort to your body, particularly suitable for people suffering from joint pain , low back pain or allergic to difficult tomorrows. Another advantage, the layer of viscoelastic foam is thermosensitive : the lower the temperatures, the harder these mattresses while the higher the temperatures, the more the foam is enveloping. Finally, this technology provides good sleeping independence  for 2-person mattresses .


Why choose a memory foam mattress?

The soul of the mattress, that is to say the composition of the mattress, is essential. It may be in foam, latex , or in springs, in particular in springs in sachets. The qualities of these three technologies are often combined and guarantee optimal support for the sleeper.However when combined with a memory foam mattress, you are guaranteed to acquire an almost tailor-made product because it perfectly matches your body morphology by relieving your pressure points and ensuring overall support whatever either your weight.

Criteria for choosing a memory foam mattress?

The viscoelastic foam known as memory foam is an innovative material insofar as it captures the heat of your body in order to blend in with your body shape and support it optimally. This is the reason why specialists call it reactive. However, this responsiveness and support also depend on the materials with which your mattress is designed. Indeed, there is no mattress entirely with shape memory. This layer of viscoelastic foam is superimposed on other materials such as conventional foam or latex. What are the specific criteria for making a correct choice?

The density of memory foam

When choosing your memory foam mattress, you should pay attention to the density of the two layers of foam that make it up. Indeed the density of the mattress determines the level of comfort and the longevity of the mattress .Ideally, opt for a viscoelastic foam of 8 cm and 50 kg / m3 associated with high resilience polyurethane foam which has good resistance over time and excellent internal ventilation. Polyurethane HR foam (high resilience) is available under the references HR35 if you want firm comfort, and HR 50 if you prefer a soft reception on the surface and firm in depth.

Mattress support

The memory foam mattress is a guarantee of responsiveness and support for all parts of your body. Concretely, this mattress removes the pressure points which are responsible for your untimely awakening during the night.Even a heavy sleep cannot keep you from moving during the night. It is these changes in position that wake you up automatically since the mattress is unable to adjust to your movements and those of your partner. Although most memory foam mattresses are not reversible , their level of firmness will last, and your sleep will be all the more restful over the next ten years.

The design of the mattress

As a reminder, the design of a memory foam mattress lies in a perfect combination of low resilience foam and high resilience. This differentiated design aims to create levels of support and dispersions of your body weight that guarantee your comfort. In practice, this type of mattress fits your body so well that it tends to prevent movement during the night.

The longevity of the memory foam mattress

During your lifetime, you spend an average of a third of your life sleeping, an average of 25 good years. Concretely, your mattress must show resistance and an excellent absorption capacity. Indeed, over the years, a bed gradually loses its level of support, and the discomfort of disturbed sleep does not take long to appear. The memory foam mattress is known for slow and harmonious wear but for a high purchase price of the mattress 

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