We keep repeating, sleeping well is good for your health! This is why, for several years now, the mattress topper, a guarantee of ever more comfort, has appeared in our rooms. More comfort, but also hygiene, easy to maintain, its advantages are numerous. So what is it? What is it used for? How to choose it well? Here is the answer in 14 essential points.

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What is a mattress topper?

The mattress_topper is, as its name suggests, a bedding item that complements your mattress . As we will explain below in the article, it can consist of several technologies.

To give a boost to your mattress

If your mattress is aging, and you cannot afford to change it right away, you will give it a little comfort by adding an overlay.

In the same way, if your mattress is on the contrary brand new, you will allow it to increase its lifespan.

Finally, it provides a softer welcome without changing the quality of the support of your mattress. For example, if it is firm, it will remain so, but it will seem more welcoming when you lie on it.

How to choose your topper?

Mainly 3 criteria must be taken into consideration to choose the topper:

  1. Its size: for your mattress_topper to be the right size, it must measure the same dimensions as your mattress (see our article on mattress sizes for one person  or mattress for two people .  The Bedding Guide tip: if you and your spouse do not have the same desires for your mattress_topper, you can absolutely choose two in size 1 person, which you will install side by side.
  2. The thickness : so that your mattress offers you optimal comfort conditions, be sure to choose a model that is at least 4 cm thick.
    In the same way, if you opt for a high resilience foam mattress topper, pay particular attention to its density, which, ideally, should be at least around 40 kg / m3.
  3. The choice of technology  : you will prefer one over the other according to your possible health problems (back pain, allergies, poor sleep postures), but also according to the desired comfort.

Warning ! If you opt for a down and feather mattress topper, check the quality of its seams so that it lasts over time.

Sleep on a bed topper for more hygiene

Over the years, even if well maintained, your mattress becomes a nest for bacteria. Besides, perhaps it was covered with spots that you have not managed to erase.

The mattress_topper forms a screen between the body of the sleepers and the mattress itself. The latter is no longer permeated by night sweat, which limits the proliferation of bacteria and other mites.

Easy to maintain mattress topper

Unlike a very heavy mattress, the topper is very easy to maintain. In particular, you can ventilate it easily and more often. In the same way, depending on the technology of mattress topper chosen, it can either be machine washed if the capacity is sufficient, or be brought to the dry cleaners.

Which mattress topper to choose?

The topper for mattress to compensate for differences in morphology

When you are in a relationship, you always choose the mattress according to the morphology of the larger of the two. As a result, the other person may find himself sleeping on a mattress that is far too firm for him and thus wake up with back pain.

The mattress topper, which adds softness to the reception of the mattress, can overcome this problem of difference in body shapes.

The mattress-topper to ensure sleeping independence

Another problem that can harm life as a couple is sleeping independence. We speak of sleeping independence when the movements of one of the sleepers during the night are not propagated towards the other by the mattress (see our article on this subject sleeping independence ). Depending on the mattress technology you have chosen, it may not be sufficient.

The mattress-topper can again compensate and improve this sleeping independence. If your spouse moves a lot at night, think about it!

Mattress_topper can help prevent back pain

Back pain is most often caused by poor sleep. For example, if you sleep on your back, a hollow is formed in the lower back, because of the curve of your spine and the curve of the buttocks. This hollow area at the bottom of your kidneys is not filled enough by the mattress, and you risk having back pain when you wake up, especially if your mattress is already too firm.

The memory foam mattress topper will mold to your figure and soothe your back.

The mattress topper to improve blood circulation

People who sleep on their side are prone to problems with blood circulation, which themselves are responsible for nighttime wake-ups. You turn around often and your night’s sleep is not restful.

The side posture, because the weight of the body bears on the shoulders and the pelvis, increases the problems of blood circulation.

Again, the memory foam mattress-topper, with its enveloping reception, is likely to relieve pressure points and promote good blood circulation.

The mattress topper for night sweats

You are often too hot at night, or you sweat profusely. This can be due to the technology that equips your mattress, or to its padding or ticking.

To remedy this, you can count on adequate technology. The latex mattress , for example, naturally very airy, can bring you a welcome feeling of freshness.

In the same way, it can be antiperspirant to limit night sweating.

The mattress topper for allergy sufferers

If you have problems with dust mite allergies, you can opt for a specially treated mattress-topper, which will also block your body and your mattress.

The heated mattress pad

And yes, there are mattress-toppers to keep you warm at night, or to warm your bed before you slip into your bed. These heated mattress pads plug into the mains. They are available for 1 person and 2 person beds. There are even washable heated mattress pads. For a couple who would like us not to have the same temperature under their sheets. There are mattress toppers with two independent thermostats. To learn more about the different models you can go to this site

The different technologies of mattress toppers

Like what is done for mattresses, the technologies that equip mattress_toppers are numerous.

The memory foam mattress topper:

We told you about this before, this material is ideal for relieving pressure points and promoting blood circulation. It is a foam originally developed for the needs of NASA, which deforms slightly in contact with body heat, to match the contours. Result, you sleep like weightless.

Besides the problems of pressure and blood circulation, you will appreciate this mattress_topper if there is a significant difference in weight between your spouse and you.

The latex mattress:

Another very effective material, which can be natural or synthetic, latex has many qualities. Examples include a long lifespan, great sleeping independence or even excellent ventilation.
The comfort offered is one of the best on the market, with a fairly elastic welcome.

This mattress topper is therefore ideal if you are too hot at night, or if you or your partner move a lot during the night.

The foam mattress:

Made of polyurethane foam or high resilience, the foam mattress pad provides additional comfort to your mattress.

The feather and goose or duck down mattress:

You already know these materials in duvets  and pillows , they are also used in mattress toppers. The advantage of a feather and down mattress topper is to bring comfort and warmth to the most chilly sleepers. It is also very easy to maintain.

The bamboo mattress:

Increasingly used in making bedding, bamboo has many advantages. For starters, it is ecological since it is natural.
Then it is known for its antibacterial properties. Finally, it will guarantee freshness on hot summer nights.

A bamboo mattress pad will therefore be very suitable for allergy sufferers, or those who are too hot at night.

The cotton mattress:

The properties of cotton are well known: breathable, easy to maintain, it is suitable for all seasons.

How to use a mattress topper?

The mattress_topper is placed directly on the mattress and is covered with the fitted sheet and / or a draw sheet for more hygiene and comfort.

How much does a mattress topper cost?

As with mattresses, there are mattress toppers for all types of purses. You will find entry-level models around 25 €, but also more luxurious products, which cost several hundred euros.

Count at least in standard size (140 × 190 cm):

  • $280  for a memory foam mattress topper
  • $230 for a  latex mattress topper
  • $ 450 for a  Talalay latex mattress topper
  • $510  for a feather mattress topper
  • $230  for a goose down mattress topper
  • $115 for a foam mattress topper
  • $90  for a cotton mattress topper
  • $170  for a bamboo mattress topper