How to place and make your bed ready

Best bed or not, it is most important to know where to place it and also you need to know how to make it ready for a comfortable sleep.  It is different make it ready depending on the place and environment. Below I will discuss all these and I believe this will  be helpful.

How to place your bed in your room?

The position of your bed is important for sleep , so where to put your bed in a bedroom to sleep well?

Feng Shui, a Chinese-inspired lifestyle, recommends always placing your headboard against a wall and against a wall only. Do not install shelves above, for example. In addition, he indicates to put his bed so that it is oriented to the North , this would promote a deep and restful sleep . If the orientation is to the East , you will become a morning person because it will be easier for you to get up and you will be more dynamic . However, it is not recommended to orient your bed to the North-East, South, and South-West, or to the West, as this would trigger sleep disorders.

Feng Shui also recommends harmonizing your bedroom symmetrically , ie for couples for example, to have two identical bedside tables, with two identical lamps. The furniture should also be rounded and clear . This art advises to make your bed every day .

How to place and make your bed ready

How to make your bed easily?

For your room to be a real cocoon of softness and well-being , it is important to tidy it up . It starts with making your bed as soon as you get out of it . Making your bed promotes awakening and a good start to the day , since by doing this simple gesture you concretely explain to your brain that the time for sleep is over and that the day can begin !

What a pleasure to come back in the evening to a well-made bed .

Here are the steps to make a clean, crisp bed :

  1. Take your freshly washed sheets in the washing machine , remove your non-fabric pillows from the bed and place them next to them,
  2. Put on the fitted sheet by pulling at the corners of your bed . The fitted sheet must fit perfectly to the size of your mattress by adjusting it a bit, otherwise your bedding will not fit your bed, so it must be changed.
  3. Dress your pillows with their pillowcases and lay them flat on your fitted sheets in their usual place,
  4. Lay the sheet straight on the bed , check that the prints of the sheets are against the mattress, because once the sheet is folded outwards with the duvet, the designs will be visible correctly,
  5. Fold the ends of your sheet under your mattress , to do this tighten your sheets with a single firm gesture and fold your sheets at 45 ° to place it under your mattress. Start with the foot bed, then on each side.
  6. Add your blanket or quilt . While folding the fabric that protrudes from the foot of the bed under the mattress, as for the sheets. Finally, fold the sheet over the pillows on your duvet.

As at the hotel, all you have to do is have sweet dreams in the evening!