With the many options available to us when it comes to duvet, it can be tricky to know which duvet is the best and how to choose it . We’re here to guide you and give you all the criteria and tips to consider when buying the best duvet.

Why buy the best duvet?

The best duvet is essential for sleeping . Quilts are different from blankets: they consist of a soft shell often made of cotton, and a filling of down, feather, bamboo or synthetic materials. They are therefore light, but warm and allow you to move freely during the night, while the blanket will be heavier and thinner . Not only do they keep you at an ideal temperature in summer and winter , but in addition they become a real comfortable cocoon that can sometimes be difficult to leave in the morning. Having the best duvet adapted to the season guarantees you a comfortable night’s sleep at the perfect temperature.

how to pick the best duvet

What are the criteria for choosing the best duvet?

There are many criteria to consider in order to choose the best duvet , and it all really depends on your preferences. The ambient room temperature puts you on track. If you do not heat your room and its temperature is below 18 ° C, you will have to opt for a warm duvet. Above 22 ° C, a light duvet should suffice. Also take into account your preferences : if you are cautious, you will have to choose a warmer duvet while if you are regularly hot, a less warm duvet will be ideal.

The weight of the quilt is also an important criterion and depends on whether it is natural or synthetic. The weight of a quilt generally varies between 180 grams and 500 grams per m². For a winter duvet, if you choose it natural, the ideal is 270 grams per m². In synthetic, they will be perfect between 300 grams and 450 grams per m². For the summer, a lighter duvet, at 180 grams for the natural ones and 230 grams for the synthetics, will be perfect. Finally, a criterion such as the size of the duvet is also important.

Our selection of the best duvets

Utopia duvet

The Utopia bedding duvet insert strikes the perfect balance between warmth and comfort each. Duvet insert is produced using the highest quality materials and comes with corner tabs. The corner tabs make it extremely easy to put on any type of duvet cover that you may want to use. Such as one of utopia’ beddings duvet covers which are sold separately. Each duvet insert has a modern and elegant look with a classic box pattern and piped edges.

This prevents the filling from shifting and clumping around the filling remains evenly distributed making sure you have a blissful sleep throughout the night and all year round. The extremely soft materials used to produce utopia’s duvet insert helps you feel more relaxed throughout the night and the siliconised filling makes it hypoallergenic making sure that you are protected against dust mites and bacteria. Each duvet insert is packed in a high-quality vacuum packaging which ensures your product is delivered to you safely and conveniently. All you need to do is carefully open up the packaging and give duvet insert some time to fluff up to ensure the durability of this duvet insert. Not only is it may using the highest quality materials but each insert is machine washable so you don’t have to worry about any stains or marks. We recommend you wash your duvet inserts once a year to keep them clean. In between washes you can cover them with duvet covers and wash the covers is often as needed the duvet inserts are available in three sizes. To meet all your needs twin size at 64 by 88 inches, queen size at 88 by 88 inches and finally the King size at 102 by 90 inches. The Utopia duvet insert makes you feel like a 5-star guest in your own home at an affordable price. They also make a great gift for new homeowner’s newlyweds or even college students by bringing a celestial sleeping experience for everyone.

Emma duvet

The Emma microfiber duvet is a four-season one of the best duvets . It is very light thanks to its envelope and padding made entirely of microfiber fabrics (100% Polyester) . It is machine washable at 60 ° C.

Important point: the Emma duvet complies with the standard 100 class 2 of OEKO-TEX® , which corresponds to a high level of OEKO-TEX certification. OEKO-TEX® is the first label aimed at guaranteeing the human -ecological qualities of textiles. Its composition in synthetic fibers is very practical for sleepers suffering from allergies. Indeed, this structure limits the proliferation of bacteria. The duvet is delivered in 2 to 4 working days after ordering. The Emma Mattress brand offers you a 6-year guarantee on your Emma microfiber duvet. It also offers you to test your duvet, at home, for 100 nights.

Bedsore duvet

I’ve developed a condition called frozen shoulder makes my shoulder really sore and difficult to move around. I wish i had a medium plush mattress rather than the medium firm that i have and that’s a possibility using a mattress topper company called bedsore.

Bedsure makes a variety of bedding products.  Their traditional s curve topper which actually has the memory foam in it. It follows the shape of your body so the firm spots and the softer spots match up right where you need them. Their very latest mattress topper which has foam springs. It’s actually a spring topper but instead of metal springs that creak and can be uncomfortable. These are springs made of foam the great thing about a mattress topper is it costs so much less than a new mattress but in effect you kind of get a new mattress. The Bedsure mattress toppers are four inches thick so it’s almost as thick as a mattress. The mattress topper is shipped with all the air squeezed out of it so it can fit in this small space but once i cut the plastic it’ll take a deep breath and be much larger.

What is the ideal composition

With quilts of different compositions, it can quickly become complicated to find the best materials to spend the perfect nights.

There are two types of quilts: natural and synthetic . Among the natural materials, we generally find cotton envelopes that it is better to choose organic. The cotton aid also to remove moisture . Silk is gentle on the skin. Bamboo is a material more and more in demand, especially in relation to its antibacterial action: it is perfect for people allergic to dust mites. Regarding the natural filling, we can focus on duck or goose feathers. The wool will be ideal for warm winters.

For synthetic quilts, we mainly find polyester in all its forms. Manufacturers typically opt for breathable fibers to keep quilts lightweight and insulating . To offer thermal insulation as powerful as natural materials, synthetic duvets will have to be heavier with a higher grammage per m². This type of bed linen will be suitable for those who like to have a heavy duvet.

Here are the different fillings available:

  • The cotton
  • The silk
  • Wool
  • Bamboo
  • Down
  • Polyester

How to choose the size of your bed linen?

Once your duvet has been chosen, you have to find its ideal size. There is no secret in the choice of the size: the duvet must be adapted to the dimension of your bed . For optimal comfort, we advise you to take a size 40 centimeters more than the width of your bed . This will give you better coverage if you move around or sleep on the edge of the bed. With a larger duvet, your partner’s movements will also go unnoticed.

And if, despite everything, you find yourself without a duvet in the middle of the night, it may be better to opt for individual duvets. Individual duvets are smaller, but they allow each member of the couple to find the ideal duvet according to their own preferences.

Our recommendation

Choosing a duvet depends on many criteria. We can cite the weight of the duvet, but also the temperature of the room . The casing and the filling are essential factors in the choice: the sleeping experience can therefore vary dramatically. The treatment of the duvet can be taken into account: if you are allergic to dust mites, an anti-mite or antibacterial treatment may be ideal. Finally, don’t forget to measure the size of your bed to choose the most suitable duvet!