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casper mattress review

Your mattress is out of breath, and to find serene and restful nights, you dream of changing it. But which technology to choose, which brand to favor, you recognize that you don’t know where to start looking for your new night companion. Good news, new entrepreneurs like those from Casper, Simaba , Eve and Tediber have decided to make your job easier, by offering you a unique mattress. However, is it a good deal  ? Our test and opinion on the matter.

Casper’s story

Casper is an American e-commerce company that sells mattresses online. It was born in April 2014 in New York , the city where it has a showroom. Its creator, Philip Krim, is not unknown in the field of bedding. He has been in command of angelbeds, and, three companies specializing in the online marketing of bedding items.Communication was not left behind and a month after its launch, based on its innovative concept, the Casper company pocketed its first million. Faced with this colossal success, many personalities decide to participate in the adventure and offer additional funding to society. It manages to raise more than 50 million euros from actors such as Leonardo Di Caprio and Ashton Kutcher, or from funding groups such as Lerer Hippeau Ventures.As of November 2015 , Casper is expanding its product offering to include pillows and sheets . It also markets a dog mattress in August 2016. If until now, the company only offered a single model of mattress , it has since August 2017 diversified its range with the launch of a silicone polymer model, supposed to offer better ergonomic support. After 30 months of existence, Casper has generated more than 300 million euros in revenue. After having seduced the USA and Canada, and in Europe, Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom and even Austria, Casper finally landed in Paris.

casper mattress review

Opinion on the Casper mattress concept

Casper is above all an original concept, which has since been adopted, and which has attracted the greatest number of consumers from its launch. The company offers only one model of mattress, which is neither too firm nor too soft, to suit everyone. Studies have shown that 80% of sleepers seek a flexible welcome and firm support. The company therefore had to develop a mattress technology that meets these criteria. This mattress model is available in several sizes.In addition, Casper offers its product at a reduced price, between 550 and 750 € because the company sells its products only online. Exit therefore the big surfaces of stores and the sellers which make climb the final note.Another salient detail of the Casper concept is the delivery of its products. First of all, it is carried out 24 to 48 hours after the order. Then the mattress is delivered in a small box, in which it is compressed and rolled. Just take it out of its packaging and it will return to its original shape in a few hours.Additional advantage: you can try your mattress for 100 days. A real innovation in the field of bedding! You can thus really realize the quality of your product and check that you feel good there for a good night.Finally, if your mattress does not suit you, Casper offers to pick it up at your home, even if stained or without its original box, and reimburses you in full. The mattress is then recycled or offered to associations.

Good to know  : Casper mattresses have a 10-year warranty.

Casper mattress price

With a maximum price of € 750, the company clearly intended to position itself on the mid-range. However, quality remains at the rendezvous, as evidenced by the technology selected for the manufacture of mattresses.The second mattress launched in 2017, whose maximum price is € 2,300, suggests that Casper wishes to diversify its core target, by also targeting a more upscale market. (available in the US)The price of the original mattress varies according to its size, from 550 to 750 €. The sizes offered are: single, single XL, small double, double, large double, very large double. In standard dimensions (see our article on two person mattress sizes ), 140 x 190 centimetres, it costs € 575.The more expensive the Wave mattress costs € 1,900 in 140 x 190 centimetres.

Casper mattress test: Technologies

To make a mattress that is neither too hard nor too soft, Casper has chosen to combine several types of foam. You will therefore find in your mattress:

  • of the comfort foam with a density of 65kg / m3,
  • the foam shape memory with a density of 52kg / m3 (see our article on shape memory foam mattress )
  • the transition foam with a density of 45kg / m3, and the foam base with a density of 31kg / m3. This alloy is supposed to guarantee the night comfort of the sleeper, by being breathable and by letting the sweat get rid.
This 24 cm thick mattress is wrapped in a ticking composed of 99% polyester and 1% elastane. This synthetic material, known to limit the risk of allergies, is suitable for the greatest number of sleepers. The new mattress, The Wave, which offers enveloping comfort, is made up of Flo foam, latex foam, viscoelastic memory foam, high resilience foam with thermoplastic elastomer and finally support foam with cutouts. contour.

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Casper bedding accessories

In addition to its two mattress models, Casper sells sheets, a duvet, pillows, a box spring, a bed frame, an adjustable bed or even a mattress protector.

The Casper sheet

They are made from Californian cotton known for its great resistance. The company opted for an 80-thread weaving (see our article on bed linen materials ), which guarantees good air circulation for the sleeper. Small details such as the adhesive strip that holds the fitted sheet in place, or the blue labels which indicate the orientation of the sheets, prove the care that Casper takes in the making of its bed linen.

A complete bed set with fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillowcases in standard size costs € 150.

Casper pillows

With his pillow, Casper once again attests to his ability to innovate. The brand offers a revolutionary model, the pillow inside the pillow. The one on the inside is firm while the one on the outside brings flexibility to the whole. The fibers are blown in their envelopes, which allows you to restore its swelling to your pillow simply by shaking it. Count 80 € per unit.

The box spring is not intended to be matched only with Casper mattresses. Its advantage is that it can be easily assembled in a few minutes. It costs € 330 for a standard size .

The bed frame, made from metal, is added to the box spring to give it an even more designer look. Count 120 € for the 140 x 190 cm model.

The adjustable bed, to be combined with Casper mattresses, offers several positions, from relaxation to sleep, and is adjusted in an instant, by pressing the remote control. It costs € 1,150 for the standard size model .

Casper mattress protector

Waterproof, it is intended to protect the mattress from liquids and stains. It will cost you 117 €.

Casper mattress for dogs

Your 4-legged friend also has his Casper mattress … And also has the right to test it for 100 days! The mattress consists of memory foam and durable foam. The ticking is made from a resistant microfiber material that will support the bites. Count 135 €.

Casper comforter

It is made from down and costs € 350 for a double model (see our article on quilt sizes )

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Where to buy your Casper mattress?

This is part of the Casper concept, the products are only sold online. To acquire your mattress or sheets, simply place your order on the casper mattress website . As a reminder, you have 100 days to change your mind and request that the mattress be collected from your home by the company.

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Our opinion on Casper mattress

Already, we are seduced by the feat that Casper achieved, namely to put a mattress in a cardboard box and deliver it to you in record time. In terms of product quality, nothing to complain about either. The combination of foams works and the comfort offered is one of the best on the single mattress market. And all this at a fair price! The accessories also benefit from the know-how and innovation of the start-up. In short, a good value for money that we recommend!

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