Best Queen Size Air Mattress purchase guide

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Today In this post we will discuss about the 2 best queen size air mattresses. Many of us prefer the queen size mattress for our family. Air mattress is more preferred if found in the right dimension .

Air Comfort Camp Mate recommended as the best queen size air mattress

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The Air Comfort Camp Mate Queen Airbed is designed for camping and outdoor use. It offers the comfort of a traditional mattress with the flexibility of a pneumatic bed. Queen size, this mattress inflates in less than 4 minutes with a powerful pump powered battery, allowing simple inflation and deflation without the need for an electrical outlet. You simply need to turn on the pump to inflate and turn off when you have reached the desired firmness. When you are ready to pack your camp, simply open the valve to release the air, wrap it and store it in the carrying bag provided. The Camp Mate air mattress is equipped with L-Beam technology that offers maximum comfort on uneven ground, offering maximum rest all night long. Flocked top and very thick and waterproof PVC sides are designed to provide increased durability against normal wear and outdoor elements. The Camp Mate series comes with a soft flocked tray that keeps your sheets safe. This versatile inflatable bed allows you to sleep comfortably at any time on your favorite campsite. Sleep well and dream big!


  • 16 durable PVC shanks and 15 pneumatic L-beam reels
  • Powerful and portable air pump powered by battery
  • High flocked ultra soft and waterproof for maximum comfort and air circulation
  • L-beam construction and horizontal baffles provide uniform airflow and a flat sleeping surface


  • Size: queen
  • Size: 80 x 60 x 8 in
  • Weight: 500 lbs

INTEY Pneumatic the best Queen Size air mattress

The benefits of an inflatable mattress are many if we only mention the space saving, its ready-to-use character or bedding for guests. However, other parameters remain to be analyzed such as the level of comfort, the cost of investment, sustainability or others. We have closely analyzed the INTEY Pneumatic Queen Size so you can discover its strengths and weaknesses. We also provide you with a comparative study of the best models to help you choose. This will allow you to weigh the pros and cons before concluding your purchase.

intey MATTRESS technology air bed

    With a budget less than 100  €, you can buy a INTEY Pneumatic Queen Size. It can support between 272 and 294 kg . With its size of 203 x 153 x 45 cm, it is intended to accommodate 2 adults. The inflatable structure is made of PVC which has excellent moisture and dust tightness . Soft fabric composes the surface that helps you find a balance between the various pressure points of the body. The strand follows the curve of the body to ensure the greatest comfort and the best alignment . With its height of 45 cm, this model offers comfort even if you sit there only.In a few wordsYou can easily protect the fabric by putting on a bedspread or sheets. The inflatable structure offers the feeling of being on a foam mattress placed on a bed base. All the manipulations to know are explained in the manual . The thickness of the PVC is intended to resist the various aggressions .


    It will be necessary to be careful with the fabric which is delicate in the face of the tears . We regret that this model does not have a warranty like the Etekcity 2 People Premium that lets you enjoy 2 years warranty. It is a pity that the INTEY Pneumatic Queen Size is not recommended for children under 15 months. Greater resistance to sharp objects would have been more appreciated . This mattress has a tendency to slide and to move by default non-slip nature of its base.



Brand: INTEY
Model: INTVA01
Type: Inflatable Mattress
Size: 203 x 153 x 45 cm
Weight: 9,8 kg
Material: PVC + Flocking cloth
Nominal power: 130 W
Charging capacity: 272 – 294 kg

INTEY Pneumatic Queen Size Test: For Better Use

The first inflation must be 80% so that the structure is gradually in shape. To do so, you have to wait 8 hours or more. You do not have to always put yourself in the middle to keep the INTEY Pneumatic Queen Size stable. Even if you sit on the sides or lie on the edge, the mattress will not bend or swing with movement . Check each time the pump is in the OFF position after each inflation. If you forget to turn it off, the valve may warp due to the heat generated as our tests have shown. For safety reasons , do not let children take care of the inflation without your supervision.

Simple to use and ergonomic

An electric pump is integrated into the INTEY Pneumatic Queen Size. It takes about 4 minutes to fill the interior . You have the choice to inflate it to several proportions depending on the comfort and firmness that suits you. If no electrical source is available nearby, you can manually inflate . When you do not use the pump, you can store it in a reserved compartment. Everything comes with a storage bag for easy transport and to save space. Thanks to the deflation function, you save time to store it.


With the INTEY Pneumatic Queen Size, you will easily find the natural and physiological position . If you intend to use it to receive your friends or family, be sure that they will be in the greatest comfort. In addition, it fits easily into the decor with its modern and versatile design .