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In this twin mattress purchase guide , we will discuss  the way we should choose the right twin mattress, whether it is for kids or adult, tall person or shot person etc. We will also know the shape system of mattresses for different countries.

this guide is divided into several categories. bed selection policies. shape system, measurement system, length, etc.

Bed selection policy

To choose the bed size correctly, you need to know what the standards are. When purchasing, you should consider three parameters:

Bedroom area

Dimensions of owners.

“Habits” of sleep.

Sleeping places should not only be convenient, but should also be placed in a room rationally reserved for them. This is especially important when the room has a small area. You cannot choose a comfortable bed with eyes. This can result in an unfortunate misunderstanding when it is revealed that the feet and heels touch the edges or arms hanging at its sides. Depending on the size of the person who will sleep on it, you need to consider everything in centimeter. The calculation increases and the quantity of a person and the quantity of 20–30 cm should be in stock.

There are people who are very active in dreams. Somebody accustomed to sleep constantly roll up and change the position of different body, someone spread arms and legs like sleep. This is also necessary when purchasing bedding and giving preference to larger sizes.

Twin mattress purchase guide – Shape system

mattress purchase guide

How to navigate in shape?

There are two measurement systems for making beds. It is the English system of measures and metrics. The second is used by European manufacturers. Australia, USA, Great Britain and some other countries are using the English system.

There are many other twin mattress purchase guide which tell you different things based on those article’s referred countries. Before going to a store with products from different manufacturers, it would be useful to become familiar with the furniture system of measures.


Meter, Centimeter (Europe, Russia). Factories in Germany, Italy, France produce products that are familiar to US standards. Width is measured in steps of 5, 10 cm. A double mean 180 x 200 cm height mattress type with style bed dimensions:. The above is 5 cm wide and economical avatar European lorry beds having a bed of 160 x 200 cm depending on the latex spring .

English system

– Pound, inch (English speaking countries and United States). The “Super Royal” can be called a standard double bed (180 x 200 cm) from an American manufacturer. On the Western King model product King (193 cm) and Standard King (198 cm), and 182.9 x 213.3 cm of the same length are dimensions of greater width -. 203 cm dimensions may vary from a few centimeters, depending on the country of origin. (USA, Great Britain, Australia).

Queen marking FOR mattress

In the United States and England, two and a half types of beds belong to queen marking. In width they are shorter than European – 153 cm, British products provide longer -. 198 cm, and those of America and Australia – 203 cm.

European mattress is not suitable for an American bed. For prices and sizes, double beds are different from different manufacturers, so much attention should be given to choosing a suitable mattress.

It is better to buy a frame and mattress of the same brand or at least one country. Fancy buyers order mattresses by their own standards. This service is provided by many Russian and foreign furniture companies. Famous brands produce models in which a variety of mattress sizes are presented in a rich assortment.

Modern manufacturers offer a wide variety of beds. So, Buyers are not limited in choice of details such as material, design and type of substrate. Many models are complemented by mechanisms that transform the bed into another piece of furniture. But the most important indicator when choosing a comfortable bed is its size. To choose a comfortable and suitable size bed, you have to navigate across standards, systems of systems and know how to size correctly.

Twin mattress purchase guide – Criteria for choosing bed size

In this twin mattress purchase guide the selection criteria depends on the needs and desires of a person who plans to use furniture for entertainment regularly. How to choose the size of the bed to be resolved independently by the buyer, relying on a short list of useful recommendations.

Basic rules for choosing a comfortable bed:

Check the standard size grid.

Measure the room in which you plan to install the furniture.

Take into account the biometric data of the sleeper (height, health, age).

Pay attention to preferences during sleep.

Don’t forget to study the common sizes of mattresses and bedding.

To know the optimum dimensions of sleeping space, it is necessary to keep gold sensitivity in mind. The choice of which customers to choose is determined by taking into consideration the characteristics of the mattress, preferred posture during sleep and biometric data.

The optimal twin mattress size depends on:

Bedroom area furniture should fit well into the interior of the room. Hence, promoting the rational distribution of the space. Body and habits. The feet and elbows should not hang comfortably from the bed or against the fence (back, head, legs). This takes into account the growth, weight, turn of shoulders, length of sleeper’s arms and legs. A sleeping place arrangement. The twin mattress is selected for the size of the bed.

Twin mattress purchase guide -How long should the twin mattress be

This section makes this twin mattress purchase guide different from others. To determine the optimal length of a twin mattress  for the development of a person should be added to 20 cm. If you plan to use a large pillow, additionally add another 10 cm. An adult man has sufficient bed length from 190 to 200 cm for a restful sleep, and the size of a luxury double bed sometimes exceeds 220 cm. Fit around sleeping places for high people, whose diameter reaches 240 cm is.

The standard dimensions of the furniture are designed for people with average growth (170–180 cm). Sometimes manufacturers offer products with a length of 19 cm, but such beds are not in demand due to potential difficulties in the mattress and bedding buying phase.

Twin mattress width

According to our twin mattress purchase guide the width of the twin mattress is the deciding factor, which allows choosing comfortable furniture. The optimal size of a bed is 70, 80 or 90 cm. This width will provide comfortable sleep for an adult or teenager. In the “side” position, feet bent at the knees and elbows should not rest from the mattress or against the fence. Should remain at least 15–20 cm from the back or hips to the edge of the bed. The distance between sleeping in a double bed should be about 20 cm.

If the interior of the room allows you to install furniture, then you should choose a king size model with a width of more than 200 cm. The difference in cost between normal double and king size beds is negligible. A sleep lover thrown in his sleep should concentrate on the square construction of 200×200 cm. One and a half bed is ideal for one person. To rest on such a bed together would be inconvenient. Furniture designed for couples, the optimum size of a double bed can be more than 200 cm, but most of it is limited to 180 cm. Non-standard widths are considered 150, 155 or 170 cm for double furniture, but in this case, mattresses and bed linen are to be manufactured in order.


This is important when choosing a bed. The bed height is calculated in a private way by adding frame height, base thickness, and mattress, so the indicator is not controlled by the manufacturers. The convenience of the furniture determines not only the selected interior styles but also the physical requirements of the sleeper. A low person and a child will not feel comfortable sitting on a high bed. Elderly people often experience problems with musculoskeletal system work, so they are suitable models of moderate height.

It is believed to have a low bed height of 30 cm. If you want to emphasize the size of the mattress, a suitable average of not more than 60 cm. The high bed is placed on the legs or hanging in the balance. It can grow up to 90 cm above the floor.

In a close sleeping place a person cannot relax, take a comfortable posture and will wake up constantly. As a result, saving space in the room and choosing a smaller size bed will not give you full sleep despite all the advantages of the bed in the form of an orthopedic base and mattress. Therefore, if possible, choose a bed as much as possible.

A modest bed for a magnificent altar of love or two within normal dimensions is a double bed, with its dimensions and parameters, which must be taken into consideration when choosing. Each manufacturer follows common standards, but they do not conform to all. What data is recommended to “keep in mind” while in search?

Standard height and width

Width. Double beds go from 160 cm “less than half-ruble”. You can easily find a two-meter bed at any salon-store, more width variants are rare or made to order. The desired width should take into account that for the preferred sleep (with arms at the side or at the back), the spouse’s color, area, footage, and room interior are features.


Standard sizes are 2 x 2 meters, this is quite acceptable for people of medium height. A formula for calculating the optimal length is: “Buyer’s growth + 20 or 30 cm.” A double bed within the traditional standards (160 x 200 cm) will suit the consumer up to 180 cm. In furniture factories, lots of models with length and width are manufactured outside the standard.


Many beds up to 50 cm in this regard, preferences depend on your aspirations for growth and convenience.


In the selection it is necessary to consider whether the specified parameter size of the bed is the mattress or bed. A little more will come out together with the frame, so the space under the future bed is raised and measured. To understand what place you need for a good sleep, a simple experience (you can do this alone or together) will help: lie on your back and fold your arms over your stomach, your elbows. Place it on the edges. They should have at least 10 cm of free surface at the edges of the bed. Lying on your side, bend your knees, they should not go beyond the bed in any case, there should remain a 15 cm space at the back.A mattress is always chosen after purchasing the bed! It should ideally fit the parameters of the frame, not to be small or large. Use a mattress from the US for a bed manufactured in Europe or vice versa does not work, it just does not match the size of the difference in the system of measures. When choosing mattresses and bed linens, it is better to contact the producers of bed making countries. You can also order a mattress separately for the specified size, but it will not be cheap.Hope this twin mattress purchase guide was usefull for you.

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