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If you are looking for a mattress for your visitors, why not opt ​​for an inflatable mattress? You can even opt for a two-seater model. One of the models we offer and the Intex Comfort-Plush Mid Rise. If you are not yet completely convinced by this type of product, we invite you to get an idea for yourself to know the about the Best air mattress for everyday use. The results of our tests on this model will surely influence your decision making.

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Intex Comfort-Plush Mid Rise: a very solid inflatable mattress | Best air mattress for everyday use

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Characteristics of this Best air mattress for everyday use

Brand: Intex
Model: 67770
Type: Inflatable mattress
Color: Gray
Materials: PVC
Dimensions: 203 x 152 x 33 cm
Weight: 7,93 kg


Intex Comfort-Plush Mid Rise test: designed for your comfort

The vinyl on the Intex Comfort-Plush Mid Rise varies in thickness depending on its location. This is for example 0.38 mm on the underside and the sides and 0.52 mm on the top. In addition, the top has been additionally provided with a waterproof flocked layer . For the periphery, a surplus of air chambers has been inserted for a better stability. This will actually allow you to tip over when you sleep near the edge. Finally, inside, a design called Dura-Dream has been installed. The system is actually based on an alignment of thousands of polyester threads positioned on the inside to improve strength .

Quick installation

Even if unexpected guests arrive at your place, you can easily accommodate them by installing the Intex Comfort-Plush Mid Rise in just a few minutes. The integrated pump will be essential for this and its power will amaze you . Just plug it into the mains and you can make it work. The latter will also be very useful for the reverse operation, that is to say the deflation . This operation will also be very fast. You will have a transport bag very convenient for you to store it, but also to carry easily in your travels.


Extremely solid and comfortable mattress, the Intex Comfort-Plush Mid Rise is a practical extra bed. Designed with high quality materials, it can accompany you for a long time while ensuring lasting comfort. Its integrated pump as well as its carrying bag will be additional elements facilitating its use.This is the Best air mattress for everyday use. You can further improve your choice according to your criteria, by consulting our comparative guide .