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Whether you want to adopt it to sleep on the go, to receive people or just want to use it as an extra mattress during the year, the inflatable mattress is a must towards which very many French people have already chosen to turn. Appreciated for its functionality, more and more comfortable and suitable for all budgets , it has no shortage of assets.

In two places , high-end , integrated with inflation system or not: models on the market today are so numerous that it is sometimes difficult to find the ideal reference . Designed for you, this comparative guide will help you find the inflatable mattress that suits you.

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How to choose an inflatable mattress?

Did you think it was primarily reserved for students or adventurers? Think again: the inflatable mattress attracts all audiences. Manufacturers, aware of this growing interest, are constantly proposing new models on a market which is gradually gaining in importance. Whatever your profile or your needs in the matter, several essential criteria are to be kept in mind before you start your purchase:

  • Use : from camping to home, the possibilities of use are numerous for an inflatable mattress and on this need obviously depends on the selection of the ideal product. The question of its lightness, its resistance and its ease of storage are also to be taken into account.
  • Dimensions : as for a classic mattress, there are both 1- seater models and 2-seater. Families can also adopt a child or even baby model.
  • Height : it is also to be taken into account for reasons of comfort that are understandable. For regular use or, at least, to find a comfort similar to that of a conventional mattress, it will be necessary to turn to models whose height is between 38 and 56 centimeters.
  • The inflation technique : today, most models have an integrated inflation system, which saves time and energy. Manual inflation, although more restrictive, obviously remains an option to consider, especially when looking to invest in a permanent or semi-permanent mattress for your home.

The best value inflatable mattress

Versatility at the best value for money : the AmazonBasics inflatable mattress

Available in a modern and attractive gray color, this inflatable mattress from the AmazonBacics brand measures 203 centimeters in length by 150 in width and 46 in height, dimensions that will ensure optimal comfort for those who will use it. In addition, this model has the advantage of having an integrated electronic pump which allows it to be inflated in 4 minutes flat. Its solidity will allow it to be used both indoors and outdoors, a versatility that will hit home with adventurers!



Quick to inflate and deflate, it is robust and has reinforced side parts which limit the risk of falling. Although compact, it also has good dimensions which ensure the greatest comfort. Finally, we appreciate it for its ease of maintenance.


Although it is designed to be as solid as possible, its material, PVC, relaxes after a while, which gives the impression of a certain loss of firmness.

Comfort for a solo night

Are you looking for a one-seater model for a night synonymous with comfort and well-being? Two models are to be considered accordingly:

Etekcity inflatable mattress

With its comfortable dimensions (191 x 99 x 46 cm), this model can support up to 249 kilos and it comes with a bag that allows it to be stored and transported in the best conditions.

Thanks to an integrated pump, it can be inflated in just 3 minutes. Light, thick, with a non-slip coating, it is designed from solid and durable materials that will allow it to meet your requirements in the long term, an insurance reinforced by its 2 year warranty.

Intex Pillow Rest Electric Inflatable Mattress

Practical, this mattress from the Intex brand has pleasant dimensions for a single person (99 x 191 x 30 cm) and it has the advantage of being easy to set up thanks to an integrated inflation system. Its great lightness, its storage bag and its integrated pillow will allow it to hold the attention of those looking for a functional, versatile and space-saving model. It is an Intex inflatable mattress .

If guaranteed for 2 years, this mattress has some drawbacks. It does not include a valve to avoid accidental deflation and its dimensions are not standard, you may find it difficult to find perfectly suited bed linen.

Active Era electric inflatable mattress

The active era inflatable mattress is a one person size 99x191x53 cm mattress. It has an electric pump and an integrated pillow . It is a high-end mattress, designed with an internal support structure that mimics the comfort of a classic bed. It is also equipped with 5 internal structures to ensure that your body is fully supported and to avoid back pain . Finally, it is suitable for all body types.

In addition, the integrated cushion provides support at the neck and head. It is not a memory pillow, but almost. Its structure is durable and resistant, moreover, it is waterproof .

Our inflatable mattress suggestions for a duo night

As for two-seat mattresses, there is no shortage of references at Intex!

Intex L&G Deluxe

The Intex L&G Deluxe mattress is a double layer model that will not leave indifferent those who seek comfort and luxury for quiet nights.

Inflated in just 3 minutes thanks to the electric pump with which it is equipped, it has an integrated pillow, solid edges but also an extra soft water-repellent upper layer.

Intex Classic Downy Airbed, Queen

To recommend to those looking for an extra model, the Intex 68758 mattress weighs only 3.7 kilos which makes it easy to store and transport.

Very comfortable, it has a flocked coating for a soft and pleasant contact. If it has a 2-in-1 valve, it is unfortunately not equipped with an integrated inflation system which means buying an air pump in parallel.

Intex Ultra Plush

The Intex Ultra Plush two-person inflatable mattress is as comfortable as a bed . It measures 203x152x56 cm. Its structure is in FiberTech to offer a solid, light and comfortable mattress.

It has the advantage of supporting large sizes. The inflation and deflation of the mattress is rapid and takes approximately 4 minutes.

It has a small box spring and a storage bag. The bag measures approximately 65x55x25 cm. In addition, a pump is integrated.

Best air mattresses for camping

The Glymnis inflatable mattress

This Glymnis inflatable mattress is an excellent camping mattress . It is a waterproof inflatable sleeping mat. When deflated, you can store it in its ergonomic and practical storage bag.

It is light and compact , so it reduces the load on your bag when you are camping or hiking.

It is easy to inflate thanks to its inflation bag . You don’t even have to blow into this mattress or bring an electric pump.

It is also composed of an integrated pillow, supporting and protecting your head and offering optimal comfort. An essential during your travels.

The Ultrasport inflatable mattress

The inflatable ultrasport mattress is an excellent outdoor mattress . It is a self-inflating mattress , ideal for camping. It is ultra light and comfortable, moreover, it is a very good insulating mattress thanks to its three thicknesses.

This firm mattress is perfect for combating the humidity and coldness of the floor . It is available in several thicknesses: 3 cm, 6 cm and 10 cm.

Thanks to its travel pouch, it is very easy to carry and does not take up much space.

Finally, it is made of polyester, which makes it easy to clean and resistant.

Best air mattress for cars

Multifunctional Folding Inflatable Car Air Mattress + 2 Pillows

Do you often take the road and travel regularly by car?

Good news, there is an inflatable mattress for cars. In fact, you can now put an inflatable mattress in the back of your car, on the back seat.

This two person is capable of supporting a load of 250 kilos. It is not a 180×200 cm King Size mattress, however, this car mattress is ergonomic and quite spacious.

It is equipped with an electric cigarette lighter pump to inflate it directly in your car in a few minutes. In addition, you will find in this kit two inflatable pillows


Air Mattress FAQs

How to inflate a mattress?

There are several ways to inflate a mattress:

  • Blowing
  • With a manual pump
  • With an electric pump
  • Self-inflating technology

How to deflate and fold a mattress?

  • Open the cap or valve on the mattress so the air can escape. You can also use the deflation option if it is integrated into your mattress
  • Spread it out on the floor
  • Fold it in half
  • Roll it up like a sleeping bag

What accessories for an inflatable mattress?

These bedding accessories are not compulsory, but recommended:

  • An electric pump to inflate your mattress
  • A pillow
  • From bed linen
  • A duvet
  • A storage bag

How do I clean my air mattress?

To clean your air mattress, we advise you to inflate it and then clean it with a sponge, water and soap. However, be careful to wring out your sponge when cleaning your mattress to avoid creating moisture. Of course, let it dry well and fold it only when it is dry.

Our opinion on inflatable mattresses

Far from being simple extra mattresses, inflatable models have now become synonymous with comfortable nights . With their modern materials, their generous dimensions and their ease of use, they meet the needs of those who want to sleep well in all situations . Faced with the abundance of references offered on the market, it remains important to take stock of its requirements and above all, anticipate its expectations in this area!